6028 S. Champlain Avenue - Chicago, IL 60637
Mailing Address: PO Box 208034 - Chicago, IL 60620
Rev. Derail Smith, Pastor and Overseer
Dr. Charles G. Hayes, Founder
Join us at we relocate to our NEW CHURCH HOME on Sunday, December 11, 2016. We are moving forward to 6028 S. Champlain Avenue. 
For this we give God thanks!
Re: Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer Relocation Announcement

On Sunday, December 11, 2016 CCOP (Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer) will begin worship services at our new location. In consideration of our many concerned friends, avid supporters and well-wishers who may have questions about the move, Pastor Derail 
Smith has compiled a list of frequently asked questions with answers to those questions.

Why move? 
Our Founder, Dr. Charles G. Hayes instructed us years before his transition, to be open to 
CHANGE, as it is a sign of growth. His dedication as Founder and Pastor of CCOP for over 
times. Each move proved to be in-line with God’s perfect plan and vision for our church. 
Due to the continued rising operating cost to maintain not only 1 building but 2 (church 
and annex), the projected capital expenses for the upcoming fiscal year, ongoing 
repairs/upkeep and maintenance of an aging HVAC (heating & air- conditioning) 
system just to name a few, would create a potential financial hardship for the Church. 
After much prayer and wise counsel, Pastor Derail Smith decided it would be in the best 
interest of the CCOP to relocate. 

Why 6028? 
After an extensive and thorough search of affordable, ample and available properties 
within the necessary timeframe. we were led to this new location. This move will allow 
our church to remain a historical pillar in the community and will assist in providing a 
more prominent presence in the neighborhood. Because of God’s unmerited favor, He 
has blessed us with a sanctuary that has a seating capacity of 800 plus, there is a 
semi- updated dining hall, not to mention a full sized kitchen, handicap accessible 
restrooms, a custom designed pulpit and choir seating area to accommodate “The 
Warriors” and guest artist, along with on street parking and a parking lot.

When will this happen? 
On Sunday, December 11, 2016 at 2:30pm, we will meet at our current location, 842 East 
65th Street From there we will “move forward” to our new location which is 6028 South
Champlain Avenue for the Relocation Ceremony.

What are the needs at this point?
Prayer – Please pray for our Pastor and Church as we transition to our new home.

Volunteers – We have several upcoming projects that require an “All hands on deck” team effort.

Donations – As with any move, there are seen and unforeseen expenses associated with 
relocating. Please contact the church office at 773-324- 5400 or email us at 
Cosmocop842@yahoo.com on how to send your tangible and/or monetary tax deductible 


Rev. Derail V. Smith