Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer is ...
A Great Church where Great Things are Happening...

Dr. Patricia Dunlap - Business Administrator
Sis. Patricia Dunlap - Chairperson/Trustees, Deacons, Deaconess
Elder Larry Washington - Chairman of  Finance
Bro. Leroy Patten/Sis. Patricia Guyton- Presidents/Choir
Elder Larry Washington - Ministerial Board Supervisor
Elder Larry Washington - President/Mother's &  Missionaries
Sis. Anita Johnson/Bro. Joseph Ash - Presidents/Ushers
Sis. LaTasha Hall/Evg. Debbie Coleman  -  Supervisors/Juniors & Youth
Bro. Martez Poindexter - Director & Head Armor Bearer
Sis. Ulondia Johnson - Directress
Bro. Chedwick Cathey, Sr. - Director
Bro. Shelby Wills - Music Director
Bro. Terry - Musician
Bro. Larry Ashy - Bass
Bro. Quintin. - Drummer
Min. Steve Beasley/Bro. Andre Cunningham - Praise and Worship Leader
Mother Dourtha Avant - President/Laymembers
Bro. Charles G. Hayes, III. - Media Team Supervisors
Bro. Chedwick Allen Cathey, Jr. - Sound Engineer
Sis. Aretha Robinson- Announcers
Sis. Vera Lee Hayes/Bro. Dwayne Burgs - Environmental Maintenance

Our "Moses"
Dr. Charles G. Hayes
The Trustees
The Ministers Board
The Deacons (to be loaded)
& Deaconess
The Finance Committee
The Mothers/Missionaries
The Ushers
The Media Crew
The Musicians
The Youth
Enviromental Maintenance
The Nurse's and Pastoral Care Boards
The Warriors
Our "Joshua"
Rev. Derail V. Smith
Pastor & Overseer
The Praise and Worship Leader

Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer
6028 S. Champlain Avenue - Chicago, IL 60637
Mailing Address: PO Box 208034 - Chicago, IL 60620
Rev. Derail Smith, Pastor and Overseer
Dr. Charles G. Hayes, Founder