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Our Mission


To  reach out with hospitality to those who are seeking acceptance, God's grace, and support in their daily lives. 


To provide opportunities through which persons are invited into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. 


To nurture those who enter our doors through worship of God, Christian education, and caring fellowship. 


To equip, encourage, and challenge each other to love as Christ loved us. 


To embodying God's justice and peace as disciples serving the hungry, the homeless, and the hurting in body or spirit.


To welcome people into fellowship with Jesus Christ and his community so that they will be faithful witnesses in daily living and the ministry of Jesus Christ in the church and out to the world.


Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer exists to enlist, equip and deploy disciples of Jesus Christ in the community and into the world. We gather together to celebrate and demonstrate the unconditional love of God for all creation.


 "We are a bible believing  church with a positive Ministry, and the Holy Ghost Touch"



History of Cosmopolitan


With many sacrifices and a strong constitution, Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer was founded and organized by Rev. Charles G. Hayes with seven members in the basement of the late Mr. and Mrs. Morris C. Jackson's home at 634 Woodland Park in Chicago, Illinois. Chairs were transported back and forth to the basement weekly. Rev. Hayes also served as pianist.


The membership began to grow and the church started holding services on Sunday at 3:00 PM sharing facilities of the Peoples Community Church - 3620 Cottage Grove Avenue. The church moved into it's own first church home, a store-front at 4213 South Cottage Grove Avenue. The congregation increased even more, and the church moved to larger quarters, a former telephone building at 842 East 43rd Street. That site accommodated 300 persons. It was there that the church began it's radio broadcast ministry from 5:30 to 6:00 PM every Sunday, and it was during this period that Rev. Hayes became known as "Father Hayes" because of his paternal qualities, his compassion, concern for and interest in people.


The membership continued to grow. The leader had a vision. A former Post Office building at 6315 South Langley Avenue was converted into a church and on Sunday, May 14, 1961 the Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer moved into it's new home. The radio broadcast was extended to one hour, and it was there that Father Hayes and the Voices of Cosmopolitan rose to national acclaim through their singing and their hit recordings, the original "Pre-Memorial day Midnight Musical", and the "Gospel Feast in Song."


With the church now well established, the choir renowned, the auxiliaries working hard, and the church increasing in membership and strength, Father Hayes returned to school to improve his ministry and strengthen his religious knowledge and understanding. In 1966 Father Hayes received a Doctoral Degree in Theology from the Religious Science Institute. The church continued to grow, and many clubs, boards, groups, and a Youth Department were added.


On Sunday, April 26, 1976, the church moved to 6850 South Cottage Grove Avenue and to it's present location - December 11, 2016.


The church proudly has many accomplishments to its credits: 



Several major top ten albums

Pioneer for church broadcasting over FM frequency

Pioneer in simultaneous AM and FM frequency radio broadcasting

Purchase of a deluxe motor coach

Pastor and Choir received a Gold Record Album, denoting over one million copies sold

Completion of a quarter-million dollar church annex building

Telecast ministry

Community Outreach Ministry offering GED courses and a Food Assistance Program.


The accomplishments of Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer have motivated many other churches in emulate their success and Kingdom building. Cosmopolitan has always had a positive ministry, and thousands have been blessed, healed, and delivered through it


Through the years, Dr. Hayes has echoed such phrases as, "In God we live, move and have our being", "In Him we cannot fail",  "In Him we will not fail", and "In Him we shall not fail." He has charged the world to, "Trust in the Lord will all thine heart, and lean unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." He has challenged men and women everywhere to "Change your attitude, and you will change your life." Today he cries aloud, sparing not, admonishing all to "Follow peace with all men, and holiness without which, no man shall see the Lord."


From a basement to sharing another church's facilities; from the first store-front to the old telephone building; from the converted post-office building to our present location; from a beginning of seven to an esteemed congregation; from a founder who was the first musician to one of the world's most renown choirs. Each Sunday, those Mighty "Warriors" ring out our Pastor's theme, those words of Jesus, "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me."


Today, Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer stands as a beacon light, shining bright for all to see, still lifting Him up! It stands on a solid foundation. Our work is yet unfinished - - - our Pastor has a vision. 

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