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Pastor Derail Smith was born July 31, 1972, the eldest of two children born to John E. Smith and Alice Holmes-Smith in Chicago, Illinois on Chicago’s Westside. He completed high school in the South Suburban School System (Country Club Hills), and continuing education credits in the City Colleges of Chicago. Pastor Smith received his spiritual experience under the tutelage of his grandmother, Pastor Margaret Ross (St. John Willing Workers Spiritual Church), and Pastor Harvey Spivey (First Corinthians Baptist Church). He later became a member of the Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer under the pastorship of the late Dr. Charles G. Hayes. He served as a member of the world renowned “Cosmopolitan Warrior,” for many years. After being called to the ministry, he was licensed in 2005 by Dr. Malauria Holiday (True Tabernacle Church). Pastor Smith is one who will testify that he has been delivered through the Grace of God! He stands flat-footed, reaching out to the world proclaiming that God is a Healer, and all you need!



In 2013, Pastor Smith was s ordained by Dr. Charles G. Hayes (Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer) after undergoing several years of intensive training and guidance. Shortly after, in August 2013, our founder, the Pastor Hayes, promoted him to Assistant Pastor of the church. It was during this time, Pastor Smith humbly sat under Dr. Hayes as he instilled the knowledge and tools needed to carry on and take the church to higher heights. He took the flock under his wings and began to soar – delivering the word of God to Saved and Unsaved! His mission has been to “MOVE FORWARD!" He affirms “Knowing that all things work together…“ (Romans 8:28) “Before this, there was God; during this, there is God; and after this, there’s still God.” 



On Sunday, March 16, 2014, he was elevated to the position of church pastor and overseer of the Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer. He continues to keep the legacy of Dr. Charles G. Hayes alive, and the membership continues to grow. He exemplifies the “Boomer-Rang Affect” – what you send out, is what you get back! His words of wisdom and encouragements, comforts the hearts of the people to hold on a little while longer and LIVE! Our outreach ministry has begun to flourish as members of the community continue to join our congregation. The believers leave each service knowing “Faith+Prayer+Praise= VICTORY!”


Pastor Smith and Cosmo continues to move forward. 

For we are all people with a higher calling, working towards a common goal, to win souls for Christ and to LIFT HIM UP! 

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